Choosing glasses according to the shape of our faces is not easy. This is because everyone has a different face shape, especially if your eyes are minus, choosing the right glasses can not only frame your face, but make the shape more ideal, and flatter your skin tone. Choosing the right glasses will of course make you feel very comfortable and confident when wearing them for activities all day long. So you have to choose the correct doctor’s prescription glasses and still be able to accentuate facial features without reducing the feeling of comfort in their use.

How to choose the right glasses is not only seen from the color or model. Instead, you have to be able to determine the shape of the glasses frame that suits your face shape, hairstyle, and body posture. Choosing glasses and hairstyles that are not quite right can make your face look wider or maybe older. Well, to avoid the wrong impression in choosing glasses.

Tips for choosing glasses according to the shape of the face.

1. Oval face

Oval face owners are not too difficult in choosing glasses, because almost all models of glasses are suitable for people who have oval faces. Even so, you should choose glasses with round frames to perfect the natural lines on your face.

2. Round Face

It is better for a round face to avoid frames or glasses frames with a shape that is too round and thick frames. We recommend that you choose glasses with square, oval, or D-shaped lenses that have sharp edges and fewer frames.

3. Square Face

If you have a square-shaped face, the shape of glasses that suits your square face shape is to use a thin type of frame. That way it will make your firm face more disguised by using rimless glasses.

4. Heart Face

The next category of face shape is often difficult to distinguish from a square face shape, namely the heart-shaped face, aka the heart face shape, which has the characteristic feature of a forehead that is wider than the rest of the face, as well as a pointed and prominent chin. With a heart-shaped face, choose glasses that accentuate your jawline and wide forehead. For this reason, a square face will look perfect with aviator glasses, shields, and glasses like americas best eyeglasses.

How, do you know which type of glasses suits you? Using glasses can make you more stylish and look charming right? You can combine various fashion styles with various forms of glasses that support you, especially now that everything can be purchased online, you can also consider buying glasses online as an additional reference option, hope this is useful.