Know More About Halong Bay Cruises.

Most of the tourists who come to Vietnam mainly visit Halong Bay. The UNESCO has plotted different world natural heritage sites all over the world, and Halong Bay is one of them. Every islands, caves and beaches in Halong is unique beauty. This is a legendary world just waiting to be explored. There are different styles in visiting the Halong Bay, and one of them is visiting it by cruises and you will surely be awed by its beauty.

The finest way to discover the beauty of Halong Bay, we would suggest Paradise Cruise for the ones who’s willing to pay little extra, since it really worth it. Despite the fact that you will pay extra money, you will not regret it since you will utilize comfortable beds, trendy bathrooms, and not to mention, a private balcony all for yourself.

There are surely a lot of cruises that can be offered in the Halong Bay, however, the best one is definitely the Paradise Cruise. There are surely a lot of offers inside the cruise which includes your lunch and breakfast which is in a buffet table and of course, your dinner which is on a set meal. You will be provided a good meal, high standard, nicely presented. The staffs were very attentive but did not pester. You also do not need to worry about the extra activities that you will experience on board since they are all paid and are already part of your payment, not like the other cruises where they still charge another payment for extra activities like kayaking and the such. Paradise Cruise as the name suggests offers a gateway to paradise for everyone away from the pressures of daily life and enjoy natural beauty of one of the most enchanting destinations in the world.

Last 2008 and 2009, the Paradise Cruise was launched and it was truly inspired by the cozy colonial style. You will surely feel comfortable inside the cruise because of the architectural elements that will make you feel warmth including the wooden floors, creamy silk, crispy white linens and of course, the luxurious atmosphere.

Indochina Sails is also the most luxury Halong Bay cruises. The rooms are clean, modern and comfortable, the food is tasty, the staffs are friendly and service is good.

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