Details on Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a method of removing unwanted hair from the body by exposing the area with the unwanted hair to pulses of laser light which destroy the hair follicles. Some of the body parts on which the technique is commonly applied include the upper lip, chest, genital areas, underarms, chin, and legs. Laser hair removal reduces the hair permanently and with a few number of visits, you might even be able to say goodbye to the hairs forever. The technique simply works by emitting light energy of a specified wavelength which is absorbed by the hair follicles especially the black hairs, therefore, destroying them so that they don’t produce more hairs. People have different skin tones and varied hair pigment and since this technique works by absorption of the light energy by the hair pigment, adjustments are made by the practitioner on the hand held device to ensure the wavelength of the beams is ideal for the specific skin tone and hair pigment. This is usually possible by conducting a patch test during your initial consultations with the practitioner, which enables them to know the appropriate laser for you. The number of sessions might vary from an individual to another due to the area being treated and the laser method that is used. It is possible to shave in between the sessions of your laser appointment and it is recommended to shave some day close to the appointment so as to increase the effectiveness of the process.

Experience is a key factor when it comes to looking for your best practitioner to conduct the process for you since there are usually no certificates to verify the qualifications. Hair is known to grow in cycles and usually laser hair removal is most effective when the hair is at the growth stage hence the varied number of sessions with timelines at different hair stages. Most of the people who have utilizes this method have reported little or no discomfort at all which makes it very effective since no one wants a painful process. Large areas of hair growth can be treated effectively within a short time like for example the back or legs. The time factor can be attributed to the fact that the laser treat many hair follicles at a go. You surely won’t need a process that leaves your skin irritating or with sores hence laser hair removal is carried out in a way that you will have minimal or no irritation at all as your skin is handled gently.

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